ESL and Bilingual/Bicultural Education, C.E.


Our Alternate Route Certificate of Eligibility (CE) Holder teacher certification program is designed to equip new teachers and those interested in teaching to meet the complex opportunities, challenges, and needs of diverse students and urban communities. The CE is designed for individuals who have not completed a formal teacher preparation program at an accredited college or university but wish to obtain the necessary training to become a New Jersey certified teacher.  

In order to obtain a standard certificate, all novice teachers must complete the Provisional Teacher Process (PTP) where they will be evaluated, supported, mentored and supervised at their district while working under provisional certificates. After completion of the PTP, a teacher may be recommended for a standard certificate. The RU-N Urban Education Certificate will partially satisfy the PTP component of teacher preparation. The remaining requirements are completed by the hiring district.  

This offering is for candidates who are teaching and already have a certificate of eligibility (CE) and need to complete a provisional teacher program. For anyone who wants to work as a certified teacher they must apply for a certificate, which allows them to be hired. Once hired students can enroll in professional education coursework for two years. The hiring district will enroll you in the provisional teacher program.  

Course Offerings

  • Introduction to ESL (3 credits, 21:300:495/26:300:510)

  • Bilingual/Bicultural Education (3 credits, 21:300:490/26:300:511)

  • Language and Culture (3 credits, 21:300:491/26:300:512)

  • Principles of Second/Foreign Language Acquisition (3 credits, 21:300:492/26:300:513)

  • ESL Methodology, K-12 (3 credits, 21:300:493/26:300:514)

  • Foundations of Language (3 credits, 21:300:494/26:300:515)

  • English Literacy in Academic Content Areas (3 credits, 21:300:496/26:300:516)

  • Social Foundations of Urban Education (3 credits, 21:300:292)

Application and Enrollment

Enrollment takes place in the Fall, spring, and summer months. The Alternate Route programs take two years for completion, including summer coursework.  There are eight required courses detailed on the advising sheet. Students must have a CE in one or both of the following areas: English as a Second Language (ESL) or Bilingual/Bicultural Education.

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