Bilingual/Bicultural Endorsement



The Department of Urban Education is committed to linguistic equity and social justice. The Bilingual/Bicultural Education Endorsement provides a critical need for urban school communities as almost 40% of students in New Jersey speak a language other than English. Our graduates are highly sought after by school districts as bilingual teaching positions are in great demand throughout the country.  

Endorsement programs are for teachers who already have instructional certifications in other areas. To enroll in the Bilingual/Bicultural endorsement program you must already be fluent in a language other than English, as this endorsement supports teaching content in dual languages. Students are required to take the ACTFL exam during the program to demonstrate oral and written fluency (OPI/WPT).

Course Offerings 

The course program includes an asset-based, justice-oriented approach to language acquisition and pedagogy. Course offerings include: 

  • Introduction to ESL (3 credits, 21:300:495/26:300:510)

  • Bilingual/Bicultural Education (3 credits, 21:300:490/26:300:511)

  • Language and Culture (3 credits, 21:300:491/26:300:512)

  • Principles of Second/Foreign Language Acquisition (3 credits, 21:300:492/26:300:513)

  • ESL Methodology, K-12 (3 credits, 21:300:493/26:300:514)

  • Foundations of Language (3 credits, 21:300:494/26:300:515)* required for ESL endorsement only

Please reference the advising sheet for more information.

Application and Program Requirements

Students may apply for the endorsement program throughout the year, with the option to design and pace their program schedule. Many students complete the entire endorsement program in one year.  Application deadlines are as follows:

  • Summer session due May 1

  • Fall session due July 15

  • Spring session due October 1

Applicants must submit transcripts verifying a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a copy of teaching certificates.  

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