The Department of Urban Education offers both undergraduate and graduate programs, focusing on schooling in urban environments. Our fundamental premise is that public schools are crucial to the cultivation of creative, productive, and politically involved individuals committed to a just and democratic society.

The department is dedicated to the preparation and professional development of future and current teachers, administrators, and scholars who contribute to the improvement of urban education through their teaching, community involvement, leadership, and research.


How You Will Learn

 The Department of Urban Education prepares and certifies Rutgers-Newark and NJIT undergraduate students for professional teaching careers in New Jersey.  Starting Fall 2021, we will also offer alternate route and teacher endorsement programs. During Fall 2022, we will be offering various Master of Arts (MAT) programs for current and aspiring teachers. 



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The Department of Urban Education at Rutgers University-Newark has unique and dynamic teacher education preparation programming that seeks to develop educators and work with current educators who practice culturally relevant teaching and are committed to social justice. Our department is committed to equity that is grounded in valuing a racially, socioeconomically, and linguistically diverse society. Our focus on justice is deeply intertwined with  Rutgers University-Newark’s social mission that values individuals of diverse racial, ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds. In addition, our programs seek to engage deeply with the Newark community through teaching and public service. Academically, notions of urban education are holistically investigated through critical questioning, field experiences, and student-centered classes that embrace theoretical and practical notions of education. Our undergraduate and graduate students gain a strong understanding of their content areas, foundations of education, culturally responsive curricula, and diverse teaching and learning methods.


The Department of Urban Education at Rutgers University-Newark is intrinsically tied to the idea that public education is fundamental to enhance and sustain an equitable democracy. As a result, our teacher candidates are change agents who question and transform the world around them through teaching, while implementing innovative pedagogical ideas and educational philosophies needed to reimagine urban education. This process of re-imagination requires thinking of urban education in a way that places the needs of urban students and their communities at the center of teaching and learning. With deep knowledge of current challenges in urban education with regard to race, class, and gender inequities, our program develops teacher candidates, who practice an ethic of care and intellectualism that serve the needs of urban youth in New Jersey and beyond. Along with preparing teacher candidates for state certification to teach middle or high school content areas, our program promotes continuous reflection on culturally responsive and critical teaching practices that are tied to personal, political and pedagogical conceptions of education for social justice.

New Minor! Foundations of Urban Education

We are offering a new minor in the Foundations of Urban Education. This minor is an interdisciplinary program that will be open to all undergraduate disciplines.

Learn more about the minor here

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Rutgers University-Newark  (RU-N) offers scholarships for:

  • Students statewide who transfer after earning an associates degree with a household income of $60,000 or less (Full Tuition)

  • Students who are accepted into the RU-N Honors Living-Learning Community (Tuition, plus Room & Board)

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Urban Education Alumnus ('04) Mark Comesañas Named Executive Director of My Brother's Keeper Newark

Youth mentor, educator, policy advocate, and former Urban Education student Mark Comesañas seeks to expand opportunities to Newark's young men of color through work with My Brother's Keeper.

SASN Researchers Win $2.7 Million Grant to Boost Minority Student Performance in Math

Arthur Powell, Professor of Mathematics Education in RU-N's Department of Urban Education was among the recipients.

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Lynnette Mawhinney's New Book Addresses Black Girls in Schools

Lynnette Mawhinney, Department Chair, talks about her new book Strong Black Girls: Reclaiming Schools in Their Own Image.

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Part-Time Lecturer, Teresita Eldredge, Selected by US Department of State for Prestigious English Language Specialist Program

Teresita Eldredge was selected to support and collaborate with faculty at Bukhara State University in Uzbekistan.

Read Press Release Here

PTL Teresita Eldredge

Professional Development Resource!

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Radical Pedagogy Institute 2021-2022 Programming Guide

Each month, the Radical Pedagogy Institute will offer at least one professional development session, with an accompanying twitter chat and posted discussion prompts on the community discussion forum. Sessions are open to members and non-members alike, though prices vary based on membership level.

Click here for the full 2021 professional development schedule.


Carolyne J. White

Carolyne J. White

Professor Department of Urban Education Rutgers University-Newark

Lynnette Mawhinney

Lynnette Mawhinney

Associate Professor, Chair

Timothy Eatman

Timothy Eatman

Associate Professor of Urban Education/Dean, Honors Living Learning Community

Robyn Brady Ince

Robyn Brady Ince

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice; Executive Director of the Newark City of Learning Collaborative