Are you interested in inclusion, racial justice, and linguistic equity? Want to learn how to be a collaborative, justice-oriented educator? Are you currently a teacher looking for additional certification?  

A department rooted in justice, community, and transformation.

The Department of Urban Education is a national leader in certifying and mentoring educators of color. We are the only department in the state of New Jersey with an undergraduate major in ESL and Bilingual Education, among many other notable offerings. Our students learn from dynamic field experiences in the Newark community and conduct coursework and inquiry with publicly engaged faculty who are leaders in their fields. The campus of Rutgers University-Newark is annually recognized by U.S. News and World Report for being one of the most diverse university in the country. Urban Education plays a critical role in sustaining the institution’s legacy of inclusiveness.

How You Will Learn

Here you will gain a strong understanding of your content area, foundations of education, culturally responsive curricula, and diverse teaching and learning methods. We offer courses in bilingual instruction, teacher identity, foundations of urban education, decarceration and disability studies, social change in the Black Diaspora, youth culture, race and resistance in the media, and culturally responsive assessment. The Department of Urban Education prepares and certifies Rutgers-Newark and New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) undergraduate students for professional teaching careers in New Jersey. 

Why Urban Education at Rutgers University-Newark?

Rutgers University-Newark is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States and an ideal place to study the dynamic field of urban education. We have a rich legacy of leadership and activism. Our campus is conveniently located near several accessible hubs of transportation including New Jersey Light Transit and Newark Penn Station.  


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Urban Education Faculty and Staff


We are dedicated to serving as a national leader in urban education and preparing graduates to be critically engaged experts in their field.  Our department is deeply committed to justice-oriented, affirming, and inclusive approaches to teaching and learning. Together we work alongside the Newark community to sustain the legacies of transformation and innovation in the city and beyond.


Teacher-educators are change agents who question and transform the world around them.  Our programs develop education professionals who practice an ethic of care and intellectualism that serves all students and their families. Our courses and teacher certification programs promote continuous reflection on culturally sustaining and critical teaching practices that are tied to personal and political conceptions of education for justice.


Urban Education Alumni Network

Learn more about our graduates and their impactful work in the community.

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Revolutionizing Honors

Celebrate our groundbreaking Honors Living and Learning (HLLC) program led by Urban Education Faculty Member and Dean Timothy Eatman, Ph.D.

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Pioneering Programs

At Rutgers University-Newark, we offer pioneering ESL and bilingual programs for multilingual teaching candidates.

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Anica Bowe

Anica Bowe

Associate Professor of Science Education

Edward Fergus

Edward Fergus

Professor of Urban Education and Policy

Alan De La Cruz

Alan De La Cruz

Administrative Coordinator

Cecil Barnes

Cecil Barnes

Research Project Coordinator