The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies offers two Bachelor of Arts degrees—a BA in Spanish and a BA in Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies.  Both programs offer courses in language at all levels taught by native speakers, and classes in the literature, culture and histories of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds.  Both programs also take advantage of the linguistic and cultural diversity of Newark/New York and the surrounding areas in their course offerings, internships, field trips and experiential learning opportunities.  Undergraduates in Spanish and Portuguese are also eligible to apply for scholarships to support study abroad programs, credits from which can often be used toward our degrees.  Our graduates have used their degrees in Spanish and Portuguese to find jobs in education, international banking, the health professions, consulting, non-profit foundations and many other fields where bilingual abilities and cross-cultural competence are prized, marketable skills. (For profiles of recent graduates, see “Alumni Spotlight”)


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