Translation & Interpreting Studies Minor

The Translation and Interpreting Minor (21:942) is committed to several educational goals: (1) to provide our students with knowledge of the theory and practice of translation and interpreting, and understanding the importance of cross-cultural communication; (2) to ensure that our students conserve and remain faithful to the meaning of the original text when determining how to transpose the text and to render work whether it be through speech or writing; (3) to develop our students’ linguistic proficiency in their second languages by sharpening writing, reading, and speaking skills through translation and interpreting exercises; (4) to prepare our students to specialize in roles within the language industry, such as literary and legal translators, court and medical interpreters, translation project managers and localization software project managers, through hands-on experience and professional practice and training; (5) to expose our students to legal practices in immigration rights, asylum processes, and U.S. laws and regulations; (6) to build a solid foundation in computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, localization software development and management, and project management; (7) to explore the concept of cultural sustainability by examining translated texts, vernacular constructs, linguistic identity, societal, economical, and environmental trends, and immigration identity and energy.

Students will complete 18 credits chosen from Core and Elective courses and must earn a C or higher in all classes counted towards the minor.

The distribution of the requirements will be as follows:

□ At least 3 courses in Core courses 

□ The remainder of the courses will be chosen from core and elective courses so that each minor will have taken courses in at least three different departments. 

□ Language proficiency: each minor will demonstrate proficiency in target language either by completing a course in the target language at the 200 level or by the OPI exam.


21:940:240 Intro to Translation Studies (3 Credits)

21:940:360 Legal Translation and Interpreting (3 Credits)

21:940:361 Medical Translation & Interpreting (3 Credits)

21:940:459 Internship in Spanish (3 Credits)

Court Interpreting (3 Credits)

Cultural Sustainability Through Translation Studies (3 Credits)

CAT Tools and Localization Software (1.5 Credits)

Localization and Project Management (1.5 Credits)



21:350:308 Foundations of Literary Studies, Theme: “Us and Them”

21:350:389 Topics in Global Literature “War and Representation in Modern Middle East”

21:350:417 Literary Criticism: Genealogies of Cultural Studies

21:350:521 Topics in Literature Translation: Theory, Debate, Practice


21:352:232 Reading Latino/a Studies


HIST 320: Law & Evidence

HIST 362: Sex, Gender & Law in American History

HIST 329: Law and Society in History

HIST 365: Science and Technology in the Global South

HIST 378: Medicine and Health Law in Modern America

HIST 381: Science and Technology in Modern Medicine


21:615:201 Introduction to Linguistics

21:615:322 Language Acquisition


21:920:394 Migration and Crime


21:940:322 Latino/a Bilingualism


01:940:401 Advanced Translation I

01:940:476 Legal Translation

01:940:486 Medical Translation