Translation & Interpreting Studies Minor

Minor in Translation and Interpreting Studies


The Minor in Translation & Interpreting Studies prepares you for a wide range of translation & interpreting jobs - from legal translation and court interpreting to medical translation and community interpreting. This program is committed to a curriculum that explores the past and current theory and practice of translation and interpreting studies, the importance of cross-cultural communication and ethical interventions, and the concept of cultural sustainability by examining translated texts, linguistic identity, and language trends in society.

The mission of all our programs is to prepare students to engage in the practice of translation and interpreting, and to explore careers that include bilingual skills. All our students learn the significance of language access through engagement in a Lives in Translation (LiT) project outside the classroom and guided by input from a community partner.


Courses Offered:

Intro to Translation Studies (21:940:240)

Legal Translation & Interpreting (21:940:360)

Medical Translation & Interpreting (21:940:361)

Translation Technologies (21:940:358)

Internship in Translation & Interpreting (21:940:450)


Program Benefits:

  • Courses are taught by professionals in the field of Translation & Interpreting.
  • You will receive hands-on experience through the community-partner based internship.
  • You can choose from a variety of elective courses to customize your learning experience.
  • You will build a portfolio of translation and interpreting projects to demonstrate your skills


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