The Latin American Studies minor is committed to several educational goals:

  1. to provide our students with knowledge of the history and culture of Latin American countries, as well as an understanding of the role that these countries play on the world stage from an economic and political perspective;
  2. to provide our students with knowledge of the history and culture of Latino and Latin American populations in the United States, as well as their political and economic situation;
  3. to provide rigorous liberal-arts training to students enrolled in the minor by honing critical thinking and writing skills;
  4. to develop our students' academic proficiency in Spanish and Portuguese, languages that are essential for the study of Latin America;
  5. to give students an introduction to the modes of inquiry of several academic disciplines through the lens of Latin American Studies.

The minor is housed in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, but includes courses from the Departments of Economics, English, History, Political Science, and Sociology and Anthropology. 


Students will complete 18 credits chosen from Core and Elective courses, and must earn a C or higher in all classes counted towards the minor.  The distribution of the requirements will be as follows:

- At least 3 courses in Core courses, from at least two different departments.

- The remainder of the courses will be chosen from core and elective courses so that each minor will have taken courses in at least three different departments.

- Language proficiency: each minor will demonstrate proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese either by completing a course in either language at the 200 level or by    placement exam.


Core courses


510:207 History of Colonial Latin America (3)

510:208 History of Modern Latin America (3)

21:510:311 Latin America and the United States (3) 

21:510:374, 375 History of Spain (3) 

21:510:377 Portugal and Its Empire (3) 


21:790:311Government and Politics of Latin America (3)

21:790:345International Relations of Latin America (3)


21:070:352 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America (3) 


21:812:208 Introduction to Brazilian Literature (3)

21:812:250,251, 253,254 Brazilian and Lusophone World Literature in English Translation (3,3)

21:812:349 Brazilian Film and Literature (3)

21:940:208 Introduction to Latin American Literature (3)

21:940:250, 251 Latin American Literature in English Translation (3,3)

21:940:348 Hispanic Film and Literature (3)

21:940:350 U.S. Hispanic Literature (3)

Elective courses


21:220:339 Economic Development (3)


21:352:324 Latino/a Literature and Culture (3)

21:352:356 Caribbean Literature (3)

21:352:368Narratives of Migration in the Americas (3)


21:510:312 Democracy and Rebellion in Modern Latin America (3) 

21:510:317 History of the Caribbean (3) 

21:510:325 History of Mexico and Central America (3) 

21:510:441,442 Topics in Latin American and Caribbean History (3,3) 


21:790:345International Relations of Latin America (3)


21:920:375 Poverty and Growth in Africa, Asia, and Latin America (3)


21:812:321 Oral History of Newark's Ironbound Neighborhood (3)

21:812:342,343 Lusophone World Culture I and II (3,3)

21:812:351 Soccer, Samba, and Spiritualism: Performing the Nation in Portugal and Brazil (3)

21:812:440,441 Topics in Portuguese and Brazilian Culture (3,3)

21:940:270 Puerto Rican Literature (3)

21:940:304 Slavery, Race, and Black Experience in Spanish-American Literature (3)

21:940:322 Latino Bilingualism in the United States (3)

21:940:324 Puerto Rican Narrative (3)

21:940:331Themes in Spanish and Spanish-American Literatures (3)

21:940:333 The Latin American Short Story (3)

21:940:341,342 Iberian and Ibero-American Civilization (3,3)

21:940:375 Indigenous and Indigenista Literature from Latin America (3)

21:940:379 National Literatures of Spanish America (3)

21:940:38 Journalism in the Hispanic World: From Theory to Practice (3)

21:940:432 Spanish-American Literature of the Postboom (3)

21:940:453 Hispanic Women Writers (3) 

21:940:454 Contemporary Latin American Novel (3) 

21:940:460 Early Spanish-American Literature (3) 

21:940:461 Nineteenth-Century Spanish-American Literature (3)

21:940:462 Spanish-American Literature: 20th-Century Poetry and Prose (3)

21:940:498 Theoretical Approaches to Hispanic Literature and Culture (3)