21:070: 285:H5 DRUGS AND SOCIETY - Robert Siebert

Description Forthcoming.

21:070:314:B5 FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGY - Kelly Kamnikar

This course is designed to give students a broad introduction to forensic anthropology, situated within the discipline of anthropology, as applied to the legal system. The course will introduce students to forensic anthropology through discussion of its history and development. Students will learn basic knowledge of human osteology and methodology used to estimate demographic parameters, identify trauma from human skeletal remains, and recovery methods. The course will broadly discuss the impact of forensic taphonomy and the estimation of the post-mortem interval. Finally, students will be exposed to the application of forensic anthropology, through case studies featuring humanitarian work, mass disasters, and casework performed at medical examiners offices.


21:920:201:H5 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY - Jesse Liss

Study of society: social structure, culture, and social interaction; the nature and historical developments of modern forms of social organization and social relationships.

21:920:285:H5 DRUGS AND SOCIETY - Robert Siebert

Description forthcoming.

21:920:318:H5 SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH CARE - Jesse Liss

The health care system in the U.S.; social behavior of patients and providers within the system; the role of the patient in the delivery of health care; the health professions; health service organizations.

21:920:345:B5 SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION - Jamie Lew

The interaction between schools and society; basic social concepts such as stratification, social role, and bureaucratic organization as they relate to the educational system; the system in relation to the larger institutions in the society, with emphasis on both stated objectives and actual social functions.

21:920:393:B5 MASS INCARCERATION - Jesse Liss

Description forthcoming.


Foundations of social theory; Comte, Durkheim, Marx, Weber, and other contributors to major orientations in the nature and historical development of modern society in the Western world.


Prerequisite: 21:920:409 or permission of instructor. Current modes of theoretical analysis, and contemporary perspectives on the nature and historical development of modern forms of social organization and social relationships.