Major Requirements

(The new major requirements begin in Fall 2017 for incoming students.)

The requirements for the anthropology major are 33 credits as follows:

27 credits in Anthropology that must include:

1. 21:070:204, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
2. 21:070:220 Anthropological Theory and Methods (3 credits)
3. 21:070:492  Seminar in Anthropology (3 credits)
A different seminar is offered each semester, and topics vary by year (prerequisites for Seminar: 21:070:204 and two other 300-level anthropology courses, or permission of instructor).
4. 18 additional credits in Anthropology
5. 6 additional credits.  With departmental approval, two related courses offered in Sociology and other departments may be applied toward the major in place of Anthropology courses.

Anthropology Major Checklist

Anthropology Major/Minor Requirements

*Note: Required courses must have a grade of C or better to qualify for the major or minor.