RU-N Undergraduate Social Work at Brookdale

The Social Work major is offered at the Rutgers Brookdale campus in Freehold, NJ.


Social Work Major   Curriculum Guide Brookdale

910: 322 Human Behavior and the Social Environment  
910: 341 Social Welfare Policies through 1930’s (meets writing intensive requirement)  
910:  342 Contemporary Social Welfare Policies (meets writing intensive)  
910:  345 Human Diversity  
910:  346 Social Work Theory and Methods I (spring)
910:  411 Social Work Theory and Methods II (fall)
910: 412 Social Work Theory and Methods III (spring)
910:  413 Social Work Senior Seminar I (fall)
910:  414 Social Work Senior Seminar II (spring)
910:  471 Sr. Field Practice in Social Work I (fall)
910:  472 Sr. Field Practice in Social Work II (spring)


Required  courses outside the Department
790: 201 American National Government (Intro to Political Science)
830: 102 Principles of Psychology
830:301-302 Statistical Methods; Experimental Methods (Psychology Dept)
920: Intro to Sociology
Option for the research sequence: 920: 301 -30Social Research I and II (offered on  Newark campus)

Minimum of 3 credits in a human biology course
The goal for a student taking biology is to have a general understanding and appreciation of the workings of the human body as part of the connection of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual focus in social work.

Courses to be taken prior to entering Social Work Department at Rutgers WM
910: 220 Intro to Social Work  (Intro to Human Services).

All senior internships must be arranged and approved by the coordinator of Field Education.
  Field placements must be arranged in the semester PRIOR to the semester student plans to start internship.
Field internships can usually be arranged to meet the needs of evening and part-time students, but evening and weekend placements cannot be guaranteed.

There are several ways to take the senior sequence 910: 411, 412, 471, 471, 413, 414
Fall: 910: 411, 413, 471
Spring: 910: 412, 414, 472
910: 411 – Fall;  910: 412 Spring  
The following academic year take:
910: 413 and 471 (Fall);  414 and 472 (Spring)

910: 411 and 412 Summer-Newark campus only  


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