Some large undergraduate Psychology classes make use of upper level, trained undergraduate majors in Psychology to support students' learning experience.  In our introductory courses, undergraduate teaching assistants may run their own recitation sections, conduct in-class demonstrations, design online activities and quizzes and other activities.  In our Statistics and Research Methods courses, learning assistants support students in their hands-on lab and in-class activities. 

TAs and LAs should be mature, responsible, and interested in helping their peers to learn.  TAs and LAs are expected to attend a weekly TA or LA class as well as engage in other activities in collaboration with the instructor and graduate teaching assistants.  Generally, the job of a TA/LA is to support the learning of less experienced students and to make the course an enjoyable, educational, and interesting experience. 

If you're interested in becoming a TA or LA, terrific!  You can download our TA/LA application here.