Research Assistantships

Working one-on-one with faculty and graduate students in laboratories and in the field, undergraduate researchers gain firsthand experience of how findings covered in textbooks are made in the laboratory. Research experience broadens a student's background and can be a powerful asset when applying to graduate or professional school or when seeking employment.

Through our Research in Psychology course, students can become research assistants in a faculty member's lab, assisting with all aspects of the research process.  RAs learn first-hand and on a 1-on-1 basis what research is about. Students earn academic credit for RAships on a by arrangement basis with a faculty member.  Research in Psychology fulfills and elective requirement for the major or minor in psychology or the major in neuroscience and behavior.

Eligibility: Any Rutgers University-Newark student is eligible to work in a Psychology lab.  The most important requirements are interest in the topic, dedication and personal responsibility. Some computer experience may be required.

How to apply
Look through our list of faculty members and read about their research interests on their personal and/or lab webpage to decide which lab best suits your interests. Contact the faculty member whose research most interests you to find out if he or she is accepting new research assistants during the next semester and ask about the process for applying to be a research assistant in that lab.

Spring 2020 Cognitive Neuroscience Research Opportunities


  1. Child Study Center (Lobue).  Contact cscrutgers[at]; no special requirements.


  1. Mathematics, Reasoning and Learning Lab (; Rosenberg-Lee). Contact: Shannon Cahalan (sc2063[at] online application (; preference given to sophomores and juniors. Prior experience working with children is an asset.


  1. Animal Cognition Lab (Shiflett).  Contact shiflett[at]; must be comfortable handling mice.


Learning and Decision Making Lab (Tricomi).  Contact etricomi[at]; must be sophomore or junior, conscientious, willing to do 10 hours/week research