In the Psychology Department, students are not assigned to individual advisors.  In fact, you can seek advice from multiple faculty members!  Therefore, you have the choice of seeking advisement from any professor you choose.  Usually, the first time you will need to talk to an advisor in Psychology is when you choose to declare a major or minor in the department.  However, you can also talk to faculty members to get assistance with course selection, advice about career or educational options in psychology, or just about any other topic related to your academic pursuits in psychology.  

Each Fall and Spring semester a list of faculty office hours is made available in the Main Office and here.  Office hours are times that faculty reserve every week specifically to be available to talk to students, so feel free to visit any faculty member during their posted office hours! To get the most out of your visit, give some thought to the questions/concerns you want to discuss prior to your meeting. Developing a relationship with an advisor is crucial.  Don’t be a stranger. The faculty are always willing to assist you.

If you need to talk to a specific instructor about a course and cannot come during their office hours, you should contact that instructor via email to set up an alternate time to meet.  If you are having difficulty scheduling a time to meet with an advisor, you should reach out to the psychology undergraduate coordinator at