Psychology, Five-Year BA/MA Program

The Psychology Department is pleased to announce our new BA/MA degree program in Psychology. A masters in psychology provides students with opportunity to develop expertise that will give a competitive edge towards entrance into top PhD programs across the nation, academic research labs, and for other professional careers requiring training in behavioral and social science. Advanced undergraduate research-oriented students that complete all of their requirements for the BA degree in psychology by the end of their third year have the opportunity to apply for the program and work under the direct supervision of a faculty member in Psychology. Students conduct research and may begin taking Master’s level courses during their fourth year, thereby completing all of the BA/MA requirements by the end of the fifth year. Students apply for the program between the fall and spring semester of their third year. 


To apply to the BA/MA program, you must meet the following pre-requisites:

  1. Rutgers-Newark junior psychology major.
  2. 3.6 Psychology GPA and 3.3 overall GPA.
  3. A minimum grade of A in both 830:301 (Statistical Methods) and 830:302 (Experimental Methods) or their equivalent transfers.
  4. Identify a faculty member in Psychology who is willing to serve as the Masters research mentor. (Please note: Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to potential faculty research mentors well in advance of the junior year deadline; letters of support can only be provided for students with whom faculty are familiar.)


When applying to the BA/MA program, the following are required:

  1. Three letters of support/recommendation (the Masters Program Committee reserves the right to solicit these letters directly):
    • One letter of support must come from a Psychology faculty research mentor.
    • Two letters of recommendation. Applicant must identify the two letter writers by name and contact information. Letters from referees should be received by the deadline.
  2. Academic transcripts from all previous institutions of higher education. Transcripts should include grades for the fall semester of the applicant’s junior year. 
  3. Personal statement. Strong personal statements typically include information about previous research experience, a brief description of current research interests, and general plan for future career direction. 
  4. Note: GRE Scores are NOT required.

Applications are due on March 15th in the applicant’s junior year. Consideration will not be given to applicants who fail to provide all of the materials by the deadline.


Course of Study:

  • Students are required to take 8 credits of methods (301, 302) prior to acceptance into the program. 30 additional credits of graduate course work are required, including:
  • 3 credits in each of four core sub-disciplines in psychology (cognition, neuroscience, developmental, social) plus an additional 3 credits in primary sub-discipline of choice. 
  • 3-6 credit hours per semester of research with primary faculty mentor. 
  • Students must be enrolled full-time throughout the program in at least 9 credits per semester of combined research and course work. 



The Psychology BA/MA program DOES NOT lead to licensure as a clinician or mental health practitioner and does not meet the requirements to sit for a licensure exam. 

BA/Master’s Track students will not be provided any special consideration for admission to the PhD program at Rutgers University - Newark.


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