Psychology, Dual Major in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Psychology 819

The dual major in psychiatric rehabilitation and psychology is a bachelor of science degree program offered jointly by the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark (SASN) and Rutgers School of Health  Professions (SHP). This unique program offers training in both psychiatric rehabilitation and psychology and provides educational and clinical preparation for a wide variety of professional roles in psychiatric rehabilitation and community mental health settings. Students are also prepared to pursue a host of graduate degree options.

Psychiatric rehabilitation and psychology dual majors take five semesters of foundational and psychology coursework in SASN. Once they have completed all degree and major requirements at SASN, students must apply during their junior year to transfer to SHP. To learn more about the psychiatric rehabilitation component of the dual degree, please visit the SHP progam website.

Four-year curriculum

Curriculum plan for transfer students

Instructions for applying to transfer to SHP

Apply to Transfer to SHP

NOTE: The fall deadline for applying to transfer into the SHP portion of the dual major in Psych and Psychiatric Rehabilitation is normally November 1; the spring application deadline is normally May 15.

The dual major in psychiatric rehabilitation and psychology consists of the following courses:

Psychology major courses taken in SASN:

A minimum of 29 credits toward the major in psychology is required as well as a minimum 3.0 GPA in the major. The credits must include:

Core Courses

  •   21:830:101,102  Principles of Psychology (first or sophomore year) (3,3)
  •   21:830:301  Statistical Methods for the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences (sophomore year) (4)
  •   21:830:302  Experimental Methods for the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences (4)
  •   21:830:423  History and Modern Viewpoints in Psychology (3)


Area Requirements (any four of the following seven classes)

  •  21:830:304  Cognitive Processes (3)
  •  21:830:323  Developmental Psychology (3)
  •  21:830:335  Social Psychology (3)
  •  21:830:363  Abnormal Psychology (3)
  •  21:830:372  Perception (3)
  •  21:830:484  Behavioral Neuroscience (3) 


45 credits of psychiatric rehabilitation courses taken at SHP:

  • PSRT1101  Introduction to Psychiatric Rehabilitation (3)
  • PSRT1102  Communication Techniques (3)
  • PSRT1103  Group Interventions for People with Disabilities (3)
  • PSRT1204  Clinical Principles in Psychosocial Rehab (3)
  • PSRT2121  Community Resource Management (3)
  • PSRT2231  Emerging Topics in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment (3)
  • PSRT4119   Practicum in Psychiatric Rehabilitation I (6
  • PSRT4129  Practicum in Psychiatric Rehabilitation II (6)
  • PSRT 4121  Case Management Approaches (3)
  • A total of four 3-credit PSRT elective courses (12)