Neuroscience and Behavior, B.A.

Major in Neuroscience and Behavior

Neuroscience and Behavior is an innovative, cross-disciplinary major aimed at understanding some of the most complex questions in science.  How does the brain work?  How does the mind emerge from the brain?  What are the causes of mental disorders?  The major provides students with broad knowledge of neuroscience through coursework drawn equally from the biological and behavioral sciences.  Students in the major will also develop their quantitative and laboratory skills, learn to communicate scientific findings, and become critical and independent thinkers.

Major Requirements

Total credits = 40                                                                                                                

Required introductory courses

  • 120:200 Concepts in Biology (4)
  • 112:200 Introduction to Neuroscience (3)
  • 830:101 Principles of Psychology (3)


Required foundations courses

  • 120:201 Foundations of Bio: Cell and Molec (3)
  • 120:202 Cell and Molec lab (1)      
  • 830:301 Stat Methods for Cog and Behav Sci (4)
  • 830:302 Exp Methods for Cog and Behav Sci (4)
  • 120:315 Principles of Neurobiology * (3)
  • 830:304 Cognitive Processes (3)


Advanced courses - choose two courses from the following list: 

  • 120:341 Introduction to Neurophysiology (3)
  • 830:411 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience (3)
  • 830:484 Behavioral Neuroscience (3)


Electives- choose two courses (6 credits) from the following list:

  • 830:346 Psychology of Language (3)
  • 830:330 Psychology of Learning (3)
  • 830:496 Emotional Brain (3)
  • 830:489 Neuropsychology
  • 830:489 Drugs and the Brain
  • 830:412 Neuroscience of Decision Making (3)
  • 830:512 Neuroimaging Methods and Theory (3)**
  • 830:487 Pain and Pleasure (3)
  • NJIT Math Analyt and Comput Neurosci 430 (3)
  • NJIT Math Systems and Comput Neurosci 431 (3)
  • Research Experience with neuroscience faculty***


* Students who major in Neuroscience and Behavior will be allowed to use “Introduction to Neuroscience” as a prerequisite for “Introduction to Neurobiology” (Bio 315) in place of “Foundations in Bio: Ecology and Evolution” (120:205/6).  This substitution applies only to 120:315 and no other Biology course. 

**Graduate course; requires permission of instructor.

***Students can apply a maximum of 6 research credits toward the major elective requirement, if they are earned under the supervision of one of the Neuroscience faculty members in either Research in Psychology (21:830:491/492) or  Senior Thesis (21:830:497/499) 

Because of its overlap with Biology and Psychology requirements, students majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior majors will be disallowed from double-majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior and Psychology or in Neuroscience and Behavior and Biological Sciences with a Neurobiology concentration.  Similarly, Neuroscience and Behavior majors will be disallowed from obtaining a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience or in Biological Sciences with a Neurobiology concentration.

Questions? Contact:  Michael Shiflett, Ph.D.


Cognitive Neuroscience Faculty

Mauricio Delgado, Ph.D.

William Graves, Ph.D.

Stephen José Hanson, Ph.D.

Barry Komisaruk, Ph.D.

Vanessa LoBue, Ph.D.

Michael Shiflett, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Tricomi, Ph.D.