Learning Objectives, Neuroscience and Behavior

Learning Goals, Major in Neuroscience and Behavior

The interdisciplinary major in Neuroscience and Behavior has the following four learning objectives:

1) To provide students with broad knowledge of the field of neuroscience.

Introductory coursework that draws equally from Biology and Psychology will provide foundational training in the biological and behavioral sciences.  Advanced-level coursework drawn from Psychology, the CMBN and Biology will provide in-depth training on functional approaches to examining the nervous system, with particular focus on understanding the relationship between the nervous system and behavior/cognition. 

2) To produce students with quantitative, analytical, and laboratory technical skill.

Coursework in laboratory science will provide opportunities for students to advance their analytical and laboratory skills.  Coursework in experimental design and statistics will advance students’ quantitative and analytical reasoning.

3) To produce students with the ability to communicate scientific findings clearly. 

Coursework in the major will involve preparing written lab reports and maintaining lab notebooks.  Additionally, coursework will require writing in the style of a scientific journal article using data the students collect and analyze. 

4) To develop students’ ability to be critical and independent thinkers. 

Coursework in the major will ask students to consider how neuroscience informs public policy, mental health, and other aspects of society.  Coursework will also ask students to consider neuroscience research within the broader context of biological and social sciences.