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A special message from the Psychology faculty to the class of 2020


Psychology is the study of mental and behavioral processes. Psychologists investigate fundamental questions such as, “How do emotion and reasoning influence one another?”, “What is the relationship between the mind and the brain?”, “How does learning occur?”, “What factors promote and hinder successful interpersonal and group interactions?” and many more. Scholars in the Psychology Department engage in nationally and internationally renowned research, training, and teaching. Unique in its combination of small size and high-impact scholarship, the Psychology Department provides students with a variety of opportunities to gain hands-on experience at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

How You Will Learn

Our students learn how to conceptualize a wide range of questions from a theoretical and empirical perspective, acquiring the ability to bring real data to bear on pressing social and cultural issues of our time. Many of our students go on to pursue clinical, applied, or research-oriented graduate degrees in psychology, counseling, education, or health-related professions. The analytic and critical thinking skills our students acquire also enable students to pursue a wide variety of careers that value innovative, evidence-based thinking. Psychology is proud to offer our students opportunities to conduct research side by side with our outstanding faculty and to be the only undergraduate major program at Rutgers University-Newark to offer students the opportunity to earn Honors in the major. Students in our nationally ranked doctoral program pursue successful careers in higher education as well as industry and business. Come learn with us!

Psychology Department

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Room 301
Newark, NJ 07102
United States

Tel: 973-353-3935
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Michael Shiflett

Michael Shiflett

Research Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Bonawitz

Elizabeth Bonawitz

Associate Professor

Mei-Fang Cheng

Mei-Fang Cheng

Professor Emeritus