TOEFL Preparation Program

The TOEFL Preparation Program is an intensive fourteen week course (24 hours per week) that focuses on all of the skills needed to successfully pass the TOEFL.

Placement into Program Required

You must place into the TOEFL Preparation Program through the PALS' placement exam.

Students who have completed Intermediate or Advanced levels in the Intensive ESL Program may also enroll in this program.

Admission to Rutgers–Newark

At the end of the course, students take a final TOEFL exam in class. Students who score 79 or above on this test taken as part of the TOEFL Preparation Program can use this score in their applications to Rutgers–Newark for undergraduate study (not graduate).

Please note: A score of 79 or higher is not a guarantee by PALS of a student's admission to the University. Full acceptance into Rutgers–Newark will depend on the student's fulfillment of other university admission requirements.