Advanced Academic Program

The AAP is the highest level of ESL study that PALS offers. It is designed for international students who are planning to enter college and want abundant practice with assignments similar to those that would be required in university courses.  

This program is intended to prepare individuals for the rigor of work at the college or university level; students taking the AAP learn to think critically and creatively as they conduct research into various scholarly context.  

The AAP is a fourteen week program that meets for 21 hours per week. Students take three intensive courses for a total of 18 hours' study; they also choose an elective worth 3 hours' study.


  • Advanced Academic Writing and Research 
  • Advanced Academic Reading for Research
  • Advanced Academic Presentation Skills
  • Advanced Academic Grammar
  • Elective


Each course meets two days a week from 8:30 am to 3:20 pm. A lunch break in between classes is provided.