21:790:306. Politics and Literature 

21:790:367. Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

21:790:368. Democracy and Citizenship 

21:790:371. Early Political Theory

21:790:372. Modern Political Theory 

21:790:375. 376. American Political Theory 

21:790:377. Ideology and Politics 

21:790:408. Seminar in Political Philosophy 

21:790:421. Theory and Practice of Marxism

21:790:464. Topics in Political Theory

21:790:499. Individual Study of Government

* The Washington Center internships provide 15 credits for the spring and fall semesters and 12 credits for the summer. These credits can be counted to meet the Rutgers degree requirements. Six of the credits can be used to meet the requirements for a political science major, with the concentration depending on the area of the interns' placement.