American Politics and Public Policy

21:790:201. American National Government

21:790:202. America and the World

21:790:203. Introduction to Comparative Politics

21:790:304. Introduction to Law and Legal Research

21:790:305. American State and Local Governments

21:790:307. Public Policy Analysis 

21:790:310. Science, Technology, and Public Policy 

21:790:325. Municipal Government

21:790:338. Political Economy of Government-Business Relations

21:790:341. Public Administration 

21:790:351. Political Parties in the United States 

21:790:352. Politics, Elections, and Public Policy 

21:790:356. Sex, Law, and Public Policy 

21:790:358. Public Opinion 

21:790:359. Government and Politics of New Jersey 

21:790:360. Urban Politics and Public Policy 

21:790:362. Politics of Poverty 

21:790:363. American Federalism

21:790:364. Politics of Minority Groups 

21:790:378. LGBT politics 

21:790:382. Environmental Politics and Policy 

21:790:385. Religion, Politics, and Public Policy 

21:790:395. Contemporary American Foreign Policy 

21:790:401. 402. American Constitutional Development 

21:790:409. Law and Public Policy 

21:790:435. American Presidential Politics 

21:790:436. Congress and the Legislative Process 

21:790:441. Civil Liberties 

21:790:452. Seminar in Law and Social Change

21:790:454. Seminar in Problems of American Government

21:790:457. Seminar in Political Parties

21:790:463. Topics in American Politics and Policy

21:790:467. Psychology and Politics 

21:790:499. Individual Study of Government

*The Washington Center internships provide 15  credits for the spring and fall semesters and 12 credits for the summer. These  credits can be counted to meet the Rutgers degree requirements. Six of the  credits can be used to meet the requirements for a political science major, with the concentration depending on the area of the interns' placement.