Note: The syllabi below are provided for informational purposes and are subject to change.


Course Number Course Title Instructor Syllabus
21:790:201:01 American National Government Morrison-Santana Link
21:790:201:02 American National Government Samuels Link
21:790:201:04 American National Government Morel Link
21:790:201:60 American National Government Galante Link
21:790:202:01 America & The World Morrison-Santana Link
21:790:202:62 America & The World Togun Link
21:790:203:60 Intro to Comparative Politics Lee Link
21:790:203:Q1 Intro to Comparative Politics Gallagher Link
21:790:203:Q2 Intro to Comparative Politics Morrison-Santana Link
21:790:304:62 Intro to Law & Legal Research Galante Link
21:790:321:01 World Politics Amemasor Link
21:790:330:01 East European Government & Politics Motyl Link
21:790:333:01 Government & Politics Middle East Allam Link
21:790:360:63 Urban Politics & Public Policy Morel Link
21:790:368:01 Democracy and Citizenship Josephson Link
21:790:371:61 Early Political Theory Segers Link
21:790:372:01 Modern Political Theory Vazquez-Arroyo Link
21:790:377:01 Ideology & Politics Vazquez-Arroyo Link
21:790:385:01 Religion, Politics and Public Policy Segers Link
21:790:441:01 Civil Liberties Hull Link
21:790:454:Q1 Seminar Problems in American Govt: 
Equal Protection
Hull Link
21:790:465:01 Topics in Comparative Politics: 
Women, Gender, and the Middle East
Allam Link
21:790:466:01 Topics in Global Politics: 
Global Sustainability Development Goals
Kuzma Link
21:790:491:01 Research Methods Motyl Link