Hyacinth, Melissa Rodriguz-Tavarez, Jecika Merzius and Izamar Plaza
Melissa Rodriguz-Tavarez, Hyacinth Miller, Jecika Merzius and Izamar Plaza at the Washington Center, Spring 2018

The Washington Center Internship Program (21:790:397)

The Department awards Washington Center Internship Program participants 15 credits for the spring and fall semesters and 12 credits for the summer semester.

Only six (6) credits of these credits may be applied to the Major with the approval of the internship director or department chair.

Experience this historical event through the lens of the people who help shape it.  

Whether you're a history buff, a political junkie or just a concerned citizen, you have to admit - no matter who takes the oath office on January 20th, 2021, the Presidential Inauguration will be another extraordinary milestone in our country's history.

Be a part of that history by getting a behind-the-curtain look into this distinctly American approach to the peaceful transition of power. The Inauguration 2021 Academic Seminar will give you access to important organizations throughout the city and opportunities to engage with media and political experts who have had a front row seat to the election cycle.

Inauguration 2021 Seminar Information