International Affairs, Minor

The minor in International Affairs requires 18 credits as follows:

1. Language requirement: 2 semesters of one foreign language either at the intro or more advanced level. No credit for existing proficiency in a foreign language (6 credits).


2. Two of the following core courses (6 credits):

21:790:202      America and the world (3)

And either

21:790:321      World Politics (3) or

28:510:213      20th century world history (3)*

* NJIT Campus


3. Two additional courses at the 300 or 400 level with an international or global-related content from the following list (6 credits):

21:350:223 Introduction to Global Literature

21:790:302 Politics of the European Union

21:920:303 Social change and Globalization

21:790:311 Government/Politics of Latin America

21:220:312 Women in the Economy

21:790:316 Government and Politics of the Far East

21:790:317 International Political Economy

21:790:318 Government and Politics of Africa

21:070:320 Human Rights in a Global World

21:790:330 Eastern European Government and Politics

21:790:333 Government/Politics of the Middle East

21:220:335,336 International Economic Relations

21:790:337 Government/Politics of Southeast Asia

21:350:337 Literature and Decolonization

21:220:339 Economic Development

21:070:340 Comparative Roles of Women

21:790:345 International Relations of Latin America

21:510:362 Capitalism and Socialism

21:790:368 Citizenship & Democracy in a Global Era

21:920:375 Poverty and Growth in Africa, Asia, & Latin America

21:510:379 Colonialism and Decolonization

21:790:379 Government/Politics of Russia/Former USSR

21:790:387 International Law

21:790:390 Politics of Global Development

21:790:417 Problems in International Relations: Gender and Global Politics

21:790:465 Topics in Comparative Politics

21:790:466 Topics in Global Politics

21:070:475 Culture and Globalization Anthropology


Study abroad is strongly encouraged. A student majoring in one of the cooperating disciplines may not count more than 6 credits of his/her major toward this minor.  

The cooperating disciplines are Political Science, Spanish & Portuguese Studies, Anthropology & Sociology, History and Economics.