Global Politics, Minor

The minor in Global Politics requires 18 credits as follows:

1.     Two Core courses:

21 790 202 America and the World

And either

21 790 321 World Politics or

21 790 317 International Political Economy

2.     Four Electives: Any Political Science course from the following list or offered under the Global Politics concentration:

21:790:301. Politics of Western Europe

21:790:302. Politics of the European Union

21:790:311. Government/Politics of Latin America

21:790:316. Government and Politics of the Far East

21:790:318. Government and Politics of Africa

21:790:330. Eastern European Gov’ts and Politics

21:790:333. Government/Politics of the Middle East

21:790:337. Government/Politics of Southeast Asia

21:790:345. International Relations of Latin America

21:790:368. Citizenship & Democracy in a Global Era

21:790:379. Gov’t/Politics of Russia/Former USSR

21:790:387. International Law

21:790:390. Politics of Global Development

21:790:399. Individual Study of Government

21:790:417. Problems in International Relations: Gender and Global Politics

21:790:460. Topics in Political Science: Gender, Peace and the Environment

For Political Science Majors who decide to pursue a Minor in Global Politics, only core courses can double count for both the Major and Minor.