Our program provides both undergraduate and graduate students with the critical-thinking and writing skills required for civic engagement in a democratic society. The Department is also committed to a curriculum that explores all aspects of politics so as to develop informed, engaged, and thoughtful global citizens. Our graduates then go on to pursue careers in the public, non-profit, and private sectors. Others pursue further study in political science, law, public service and administration, criminal justice, non-profit administration, global politics, and international relations. The program also includes opportunities for internships related to domestic and international politics and study abroad.

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From The Chair

Jyl Josephson

"Political science is the study of power and how power works within and among local to global communities. In our classes you will learn about political institutions such as governments, international and transnational organizations, social movements for political change and social justice, how political actors, from you and your friends to prime ministers and presidents, make a difference in political life. At the center of the discipline is the study of how different types of resources are distributed among individuals, communities, states, and across the world."

-Jyl Josephson, Chair

Student Spotlight

Meet Our 2019 NJ Legislative Black Caucus Foundation Interns

The NJLBCF hosted four interns this year, three of which from our department.

NJ Leg Black Caucus Interns
Cairo to Paris

Outside Classroom Enrichment

From internships to study abroad, the opportunities to learn and lead abroad are endless. (Photo: Hector Perez)

Faculty Publications

Find the latest works from our faculty here

books of PS faculty
left to right: Newark city Hall, Puerto Rico protests, Sierra Club march, and US Capitol
Political Science

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Frank Fischer

Frank Fischer

Professor Emeritus

Mara Sidney

Mara Sidney

Associate Professor, Political Science, and Co-Director, Global Urban Studies

Hyacinth Miller

Hyacinth Miller


Alison Howell

Alison Howell

Associate Professor