Rutgers Day 2017 was a huge success! The Physics Department and the Physics Club thank everyone who participated and visited our booth!

A visitor looks at a board explaining physics concepts.
Demonstrating circular motion with a glass full of water.
Physics club member, Aissa Heath, demonstrates a device that will keep the liquid in your drink from spilling even when you spin it around in circles, all while explaining circular motion!
Kaustubh and Wander demonstrate angular momentum using a bicycle wheel.
Physics club members Kaustubh Lad and Wander de los Santos demonstrate the conservation of angular momentum with a bicycle wheel gyroscope.
Playing with the gyroscope.
Playing with the gyroscpe.
Playing with the gyroscope.
Alan explains some physics concepts to a visitor.
Physics club president, Alan Tsai, explains some physics concepts behind the demonstrations to a fellow Rutgers Day participant.
A staff member demonstrating circular motion.
A young visitor watching the demo.
Mark Deguzman assists a visitor with the gyroscope.
Research project ccordinator Mark Deguzman assists a participant with the gyroscope.
A staff member attempting the gyroscope.
Demo table at Rutgers Day.
Assisting young vistors with demos.
Physics students assist visitors with demos.
Alan Tsai, Physics club vice president Alessandra Panuccio, and physics club member James Fallon assist visitors with hands-on demos.
James and Mark sign up visitors for the physics newsletter.
James and Mark sign people up for the Physics Department newsletter. Sign up here!
Making glass dissappear in oil.
Alan demonstrates how to make glass become invisible in oil.
Fun with the bicycle wheel.
Visitors at the demo tent.
Sharon helps a young visitor.
Physics club member Sharon Evangelina helps a young scientist demonstrate circular motion for her family.
Aissa explains a Van de Graaf generator.
Aissa explains a Van der Graaf generator and electric charge for a visitor.
Physics students, faculty, and staff.
Physics club members, physics students, faculty, and staff!