Physics Major Course Requirements

The courses required for a major in physics at Rutgers, Newark are listed below. Please contact the Physics Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Diane Jammula, for advising.

Required Introductory Courses

 Course Number Course Name Credits Offered
21:750:213 University Physics I 4 Fall
 21:750:205 Introductory Physics Laboratory I 1 Fall
21:750:214 University Physics II 4 Spring
 21:750:206 Introductory Physics Laboratory II 1 Spring

*With permission can substitute General Physics for University Physics.


Required Core Courses

 Course Number Course Name Credits Offered
 21:750:316 Introduction to Modern Physics 3 Fall
 21:750:333 Applications of Mathematics to Physics 3 Fall
 21:750:315 Introductory Thermodynamics 3 Spring
 21:750:361 Mechanics I 3 Fall (NJIT or RU-NB)
 21:750:385 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves 3 Fall (NJIT or RU-NB)
 21:750:461 Computational Methods in Applied Physics* 3 Spring
 21:750:404 Quantum Mechanics 3 Spring
 21:750:407 Advanced Physics Laboratory I 3 Spring (NJIT)
21:750:491/492 Physics Seminar (writing intensive) 1 Fall & Spring

*New course. Can substitute a physics elective until the course is offered.


Practical Experience in Physics - Pick 1 of the below experiences. Discuss with the Physics Undergraduate Program Coordinator and arrange with a faculty member.

 Course Number Course Name Credits Offered
 21:750:485/486 Individual Research in Physics 3 Fall, Spring, & Summer
 21:750:493/494 Independent Study in Physics 3 Fall, Spring, & Summer

*With permission can substitute off-campus summer physics research (such as an REU), project, or internship.


Required Math Courses

 Course Number Course Name Credits Offered
 21:640:135 or 21:640:155 Calculus I or Honors Calculus 4 Fall, Spring, & Summer
 21:640:136 or 21:640:156 Calculus II or Honors Calculus 4 Fall, Spring, & Summer
  21:640:235 Calculus III 4 Fall, Spring, & Summer


Physics Major Electives - Pick 2 of the below courses.

 Course Number Course Name Credits Offered
21:750:450 Physics Education 3 Fall & Spring
21:640:314 Elementary Differential Equations 3 Fall, Spring, & Summer
21:640:331 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations 3 Spring
 21:640:350 Linear Algebra 3 Fall, Spring, & Summer
 21:640:473 Numerical Analysis 3 Fall, Spring, & Summer
 21:640:475 Applied Mathematics I 3 Fall
 21:640:476 Applied Mathematics II 3 Spring
21:750:320 Astronomy & Astrophysics I 3 Fall (NJIT)
21:750:321 Astronomy & Astrophysics II 3 Spring (NJIT)
21:750:322 Observational Astronomy 3 Spring (NJIT)
21:750:361 Mechanics II 3 Spring (NJIT)
21:750:386 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves II 3 Spring (NJIT)
21:750:418 Fundamentals of Optical Imaging 3 Spring (NJIT)
21:750:420 Special Relativity 3 Fall & Spring (NJIT)
21:750:421 General Relativity 3 Fall & Spring (NJIT)
21:750:446 Solid State Physics 3 Fall & Spring (NJIT)
21:750:480 Special Topics in Applied Physics 3 Fall (NJIT)

*Course offerings are subject to change. With permission can substitute another 3-credit physics course at the 300 level or above.

A grade of D or lower for any class will not count towards the physics major.

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