Experimental and Applied Physics Faculty

  Email Office Phone

Daniel Murnick, Emeritus Professor

Email Smith 366 973-353-5446

Piotr Piotrowiak, Professor (affiliate)

Email LSC 201 973-353-5318

Claudiu Stan, Assistant Professor

Email Smith 369 973-353-1446
Xuejian Wu, Assistant Professor Email    
Zhen Wu, Professor Email Smith 361 973-353-1837


Theoretical Physics Faculty

  Email Office Phone
Teng Fei, Assistant Professor (affiliate) Email Smith 363  

Neepa Maitra, Professor

Email Smith 357 973-353-1573

Michele Pavanello, Chair, & Associate Professor

Email Olson 234 973-353-5250
Li Zhu, Assistant Professor Email Smith 504  


Teaching Faculty

  Email Office Phone

 Muhammed Acikgoz, Teaching Instructor

Email Smith 227 973-353-2754

Sheehan Ahmed, Assistant Teaching Professor

Email Smith 368 973-353-5091

Diane Jammula, Assistant Teaching Professor,

and Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Email Smith 365 973-353-1485



  Email Office Phone
Rachael Parenta, Administrator Email Smith 211 973-353-1312
Nathan Rabideaux, PhD Technician, Machine shop  Email Smith B7 973-353-5579
Jahaira Kalayanamitra, Business Manager Email Hill Hall  



  Email Office Phone
Lionel Lacombe (Maitra) Email Smith 362 973-353-
Patricia Vindel (Maitra) Email Smith 362 973-353-
Wenhui Mi (Pavanello) Email Olson 237 973-353-5041
Pablo Ramos (Pavanello) Email Olson 237 973-353-5041
Xuecheng Shao (Pavanello) Email Olson 237 973-353-5041
Kaili Jiang (Pavanello) Email Olson 236 973-353-5041


Graduate Students

  Email Office Phone
Davood Dar (Maitra) Email Smith 362 973-353-1573
Matias Almeida (Stan) Email Smith 507 973-353-0506
Armin Kalita (Stan) Email Smith 507 973-353-0506
Mohammad Nouri (Pavanello)  Email Olson 236 973-353-5041
Norah Hoffmann (Maitra) Email Smith 362 973-353-1573
Cory Trout Email    


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