Maitra Research Group

Fields of studyChemical Physics, CMT, AMO

NSF & DOE grant funded projects:
Correlated electron, nuclear, and photon dynamics
Density functional theory
Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics
Polaritonic chemistry


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Stan Research Group

Fields of Study:  AMO, Fluid dynamics, & CME

Research Projects: 
X-ray lasers
Ultrafast fluid dynamics
Metastable liquids
Nonequilibrium phase transitions


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Wu Research Group

Fields of Study:  AMO & Applied Physics

Research Projects:
Atom Interferometry with Atoms Around an Optical Nanofiber
Quantum Inertial Measurement Unit


wu lab

Zhu Research Group

Fields of Study:  Chemical Physics & Applied Physics

Research Projects: 
Materials Informatics
Computational Materials Design
Matter at Extreme States


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Pavanello Research Group

Fields of Study:  CMT, AMO,  & Chemical Physics

NSF & DOE funded Research Projects:
Electronic structure theory
Dynamics of molecules, materials and liquids
Software development
van der Waals interactions


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For more information please visit our research websites.

Dr. Maitra
Dr. Stan
Dr. Wu
Dr. Zhu
Dr. Pavanello


physics books
"physics" by Hash Milhan