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Welcome to the Department of Physics

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Graduate Programs

MS & PhD's in Experimental or Theoretical Physics
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Undergraduate Programs

Physics (B.A, Minor) and Applied Physics (B.A.)

Dr. Neepa Maitra Joins Physics Department at Rutgers Newark

Theoretical Physicist, Dr. Neepa Maitra, will join the Physics Department in the Fall 2019

Dr. Maitra is a world-renowned expert in electronic structure theory and dynamics, and her lab is already accepting students!

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Student Co-Curricular Work

Learning Assistant Program at RU-N, Fall 2019

Top undergraduates in STEM work in the courses they have successfully completed.  Learning Assistant have special status among science and math majors. To apply contact Muhammed Acikgoz.

Research News

The Maitra research group publishes in Physical Review Letters

With quantum electrodynamics, Lionel, Norah, and Neepa manipulate molecular properties with a cavity and explain cavity-induced suppression of proton-coupled electron-transfer.

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Physics Colloquium

Fridays at 1:30pm Smith Hall room 206.  Weekly seminars on an array of physics topics given by top academic minds and industry professionals.


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Smith Hall Room 212
101 Warren St.
Newark, NJ 07102
United States

Tel: 973-353-5250

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Michele Pavanello

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Neepa Maitra