Mathematics pervades the world. Mathematics is essential to our study of nature, being the language of the physical sciences, engineering, computer science, and many other technological professions.  Mathematics is the language of statistics, which is applied to the study of human nature in psychology, economics, and other social sciences.  The clear logical thought processes that arise from mathematical studies are extremely valuable in many professions, such as law and medicine, which require diagnostic training.  The excitement and beauty of pure mathematics, studied for its own sake, has appealed to people throughout human history.

Students can major in Mathematics alone and then follow up with graduate studies or a professional career in any of the above fields. Also, a double major in mathematics and any of the above fields is excellent career preparation. Students majoring in mathematics will master calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, numerical analysis, and other calculational methods and tools. They will also be trained to understand and to produce rigorous logical proofs of mathematical theorems.

Students can also major in Applied Mathematics, a joint major of Rutgers--Newark and NJIT (the New Jersey Institute of Technology). Students majoring in Applied Mathematics will master computer programming, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, numerical analysis, probability and statistics. Students have the option to pursue areas in statistical analysis, mathematical finance and operations research. The Applied Mathematics major is also available to UC students.