Computers are an integral part of the modern world, and pervade science, business, entertainment and communications.  Hardware and software continue to evolve rapidly: today's cell phones have more computing capacity than mainframes of the 1960s.  The Computer Science and Information Systems majors prepare students to become active participants in this exciting and expanding field.

The Computer Science major, offered jointly with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), provides students with computer programming, algorithms, and mathematics courses designed to give a solid technical understanding of the area, from microchips to the Internet. The major culminates in a Senior Project, in which students design and build a substantial piece of software which addresses a real-world problem.  Students are prepared for careers in programming and networking as well as graduate studies in Computer Science.

The Information Systems major, also offered jointly with NJIT, takes a broader view, with training in the core technical areas, and then exposure to the applications of computers to business, telecommunications, data management and the World Wide Web. Students in this program are prepared for careers in business applications of computers and for graduate studies in Business or Information Systems.