All students must demonstrate competency in quantitative reasoning by completing at least 3 credits in one of the following courses (with a grade of "C" or better.) Please see Quantitative Reasoning Courses. All incoming students must take a Mathematics course each semester until the quantitative reasoning requirement is met. Mathematics courses must be taken sequentially. Once any mathematics course is successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better, a student cannot repeat the same course, or take a lower-level math course for degree credit. The only person who can authorized a pre-requisite override for a mathematics course is the Undergraduate Program Director, Professor Michael Renne. The only person who can authorize a pre-requisite override for a computer science or data science course is the Undergraduate Computer Science Director, Professor Joseph Elliot.

Mathematics & Applied Mathematics


Computer Science

The IS major will be discontinued effective Fall 2019.
Currently declared IS majors are allowed to finish out the degree.