The Mathematics Placement Examination is given to students to test their knowledge in mathematics.  The result of this examination determines which math course a student should complete to fulfill the University mathematics requirement.

Students are allowed to take the Mathematics Placement Examination twice: once when a student is first admitted to the University and testing is done by the Dean of Student’s Office, and once after that in the Mathematics Department. 

The exam takes one hour to complete. 

The Mathematics Placement Examination covers:  fractions, decimals, converting fractions to decimals, percents, square and cube roots, solving simple linear equations in one variable, evaluating simple algebraic expressions, simplifying simple algebraic expressions,  solving equations in one variable (including fractional and radical equations), solving and factoring  quadratic equations, simplifying algebraic expressions, solving simultaneous linear equations in two variables, solving literal equations (including fractional and radical equations), trigonometry, and logarithms. 

To register for this exam, please email: