Students majoring in Computer Science who wish to pursue educational opportunities in the workplace outside of the academic setting may be eligible to receive elective credits toward their major by doing an internship.  In an internship, students have the opportunity to learn emerging technologies not yet covered in course work.  Also, while there are many career opportunities in CS, students with no work experience are at a disadvantage in the job market. 

You may receive no more than 3 elective credits from among 493, 494 (Individual Studies in Computer Science) and 495, 496 (Internship in Computer Science).

To Set Up an Internship:

  • Find an employer who is willing to take you on as an intern.
  • Find a member in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to be your faculty supervisor for the internship. Must be a full-time faculty member.
  • Write up an internship proposal containing:
  • A brief description of the proposed internship, describing the company, the computer systems, the software, and the project on which you will work. 
  • A description of the educational goals you hope to achieve, how those goals relate to your Rutgers coursework, and how they go beyond your coursework.
  •  A discussion of the resources available to you in this internship, and the strategies you will follow, in order to achieve the educational goals.
  • Submit the internship proposal, signed by your employer, to your faculty supervisor.



After the proposal has been accepted by your faculty supervisor, please complete the attached form.