Name Title Email
Prof. Shakeelah Asghar Teaching Instructor sza7@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Fatiha Assadipour   Teaching Instructor - Engineering Technology
Prof. Mousumi Chakrabarty Teaching Instructor mousumi.chakrabarty@rutgers.edu
Prof. Abini Cross  Teaching Instructor
Prof. Joseph Elliot Assistant Teaching Professor, Director of Computer Science Program joseph.elliot@rutgers.edu
Prof. Teng Fei Assistant Professor-Differential Geometry teng.fei@rutgers.edu
Prof. Mark Feighn Distinguished Professor - Geometric Group Theory
Prof. Vincent Graziano Associate Teaching Professor vg348@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Bin Guo Assistant Professor bguo@rutgers.edu
Prof. Li Guo Professor I - Algebra & Number Theory
Prof. Galathara Kahanda  Associate Teaching Professor  gk451@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. John Loftin Professor I - Geometric Analysis
Prof. Chi-Ken Lu Research Associate cl1178@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Zhengyu Mao Professor I | Department Chair - Automorphic Forms & Representation Theory
Prof. Leonardo Marazzi Assistant Teaching Professor l.marazzi@rutgers.edu
Prof. Lee Mosher Distinguished Professor - Topology
Prof. Robert Puhak Teaching Professor | Undergraduate Program Director | Director of College Algebra & Basic Math Programs - Applied Mathematics
Prof. John Randall Associate Professor - Differential Topology & Algebraic Geometry
Prof. Michael Renne Assistant Teaching Professor michael.renne@rutgers.edu
Prof. Bruno Richard Research Associate br379@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Patrick Shafto Professor & Henry Rutgers Term Chair in Data Science patrick.shafto@rutgers.edu
Prof. Diana Shelstad Distinguished Professor - Representation Theory
Prof. Jacob Sturm Distinguished Professor - Complex Differential Geometry, Geometric PDE, & Number Theory
Prof. Anastasiia Tsvietkova Assistant Professor - Low Dimensional Topology & Geometry
Prof. Chen Wan Assistant Professor chen.wan@rutgers.edu
Prof. Xiaowei Wang Associate Professor | Graduate Program Director - Differential Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, Symplectic Geometry
Prof. Cheng-Hsin Scott Yang Research Associate csy27@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Veronica (Weiping) Zhang  Assistant Teaching Professor wpz@newark.rutgers.edu


 Post Doctoral Associates

Name Title Email
Libby Barak Post Doc lb805@newark.rutgers.edu
Wei-ting Chiu Post Doc wc570@newark.rutgers.edu
Nils Erik Tomas Brody-Barre Post Doc tomas.folke@rutgers.edu
Rylee Lyman Post Doc rylee.lyman@rutgers.edu
Benjamin Sheller Post Doc bs945@newark.rutgers.edu
Pei Wang Post Doc peiwang@rutgers.edu



Name Title Email
Prof. Marylyn Amah Adjunct ma1592@rutgers.edu 
Prof. Wahab Ashraf Adjunct wahab@afc.rutgers.edu
Prof. Philip Benjamin Adjunct philip.benjamin@rutgers.edu
Prof. Timothy Berner Adjunct tb735@newark.rutgers.edu 
 Prof. Asmaa Bouayad Adjunct a.bouayad@rutgers.edu
Prof. Rachid Bouayad Adjunct r.bouayad@rutgers.edu
Prof. Carlos Castillo Adjunct carlos.castillo@rutgers.edu
Prof. Paula Catalan Adjunct pcatalan@rutgers.edu
Prof. Zhixiong Chen Adjunct zc128@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Ana Da Silva Jesus Adjunct ana.dasilvajesus@rutgers.edu
Prof. Vladimir Dinets Adjunct vladimir.dinets@rutgers.edu
Prof. Charles Edeki Adjunct ce283@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Jaliyla Fraser Adjunct jaliyla.fraser@rutgers.edu
Prof. Angelo Gatto Adjunct
Prof. Jonathan Guhl-Miller Adjunct jonathan.guhlmiller@rutgers.edu
Prof. Evren Gulistan Adjunct eg603@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Magda Hassan Adjunct magda.hassan@rutgers.edu
Prof. Gang He Adjunct gh257@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Barbara Hughes Adjunct barhughe@rutgers.edu
Prof. Jerry Illanovsky Adjunct jerry.illanovsky@rutgers.edu
Prof. Jeffrey Jones Adjunct jj846@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Minkyun Kim Adjunct mk1781@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Chon Lintakoon Adjunct chonl@business.rutgers.edu
Prof. Latif Masud Adjunct lm1140@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Razan Obaisi Adjunct razan.obaisi@rutgers.edu
Prof. Daxay Patel Adjunct daxay@rutgers.edu
Prof. Douglas Platt Adjunct dmplatt@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Kodjovi Quenum Adjunct kodjovi.quenum@rutgers.edu
Prof. Perneet Sood Adjunct perneet.sood@rutgers.edu
Prof. Marcdaline St-Louis Adjunct mj510@newark.rutgers.edu
Prof. Daniel Villanueva Adjunct dannyv@rutgers.edu
Prof. Rosmina Vohra Adjunct rosemina.vohra@rutgers.edu
Prof. Chengwen Wang Adjunct



Name Title Email
Jaeyun Bae Teaching Assistant jb1820@newark.rutgers.edu
Xiaoran Hao Graduate Assistant xh197@rutgers.edu
Touseef Haider Teaching Assistant th582@rutgers.edu
Seung Hur Teaching Assistant sh1434@newark.rutgers.edu
Sarasi Jayasekara    Teaching Assistant
Alexander Lowen  Teaching Assistant
Samuel Pease Teaching Assistant sap373@newark.rutgers.edu
Liyuan Shang Teaching Assistant ls1172@rutgers.edu
Zhitong Su    Teaching Assistant
Aniruddha Talele Teaching Assistant
Ravi Tripathi Graduate Assistant ravi.tripathi@rutgers.edu
Xiaoyan Wang Teaching Assistant xw350@rutgers.edu

Ione Zarate

Teaching Assistant



Administrative Staff

Name Title Email
Angelica Claudio Department Administrator Supervisor ac1737@newark.rutgers.edu
John Vega Administrative Assistant - Math jv505@rutgers.edu
Jenine Draughon Administrative Assistant - Computer/Data Science jenine.draughon@rutgers.edu