Fall 2021 Graduate Course Syllabi

Note: The syllabi below are provided for informational purposes and are subject to change.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Syllabus  
26:510:504:01 Narrative History:
Craft of Non-Fiction
Goodman Link  
26:510:508:01 Topics in Transnational History:
Gender & Sexuality (synchronous remote)
Stewart-Winter Link  
26:510:525:01 Colloquium on the History of Women Satter Link  
26:510:533:01 Topics in American History:
Introduction to American Studies
Rizzo Link  
26:510:551:01 American Intellectual & Cultural History:
Black Arts Movement & Cultural Activism
Rizzo Link  
26:510:552:01 American Intellectual & Cultural History:
Cultural History and Cultural Studies
Feldstein Link  
26:510:563:01 Topics in Health History:
Plagues/Pandemics in World History
Varlik Link  
26:510:565:01 Public History: De-Eugenicizing Anglo American Political Culture Tchen Link  
26:510:586:01 American Immigration History:
Past, Present, and Future
Diner Link