Stack of books with "History" written across spine of largest book at bottom of stack.The major in history gives students a broad grasp of world history and the cultural backgrounds of many segments of contemporary society. Students learn methods of historical research and exposition that may be applied not only by the professional historian but also by those interested in pursuing careers in government, education, law, the media, business, and other fields. Although not required, proficiency in at least one foreign language is recommended, especially for students who are considering graduate study in history.

The B.A. in History is offered jointly by the Federated History Department of Rutgers University-Newark (Conklin Hall, Room 323) and NJIT (Cullimore Hall, Rooms 329 and 332). For information, contact the Rutgers University-Newark Undergraduate Director, Dr. Daniel Asen or the NJIT Chair, Dr. Alison Lefkovitz. The program draws on faculty and courses from both universities.