The Legal Studies minor, offered by the Department of History, is an 18-credit, interdisciplinary minor designed to provide students with an introduction to law.  The minor serves to enhance one’s preparation for a law-related graduate program and/or career.

To declare the minor:

Complete a declaration of minor form and submit it for signature to the History Department via email  ( Forms will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and the minor should be reflected on student records in approximately one week.

For advisement in Legal Studies/Pre-Law:

Mr. Chazz Fellenz,
Assistant Dean of Pre-Professional Services

For general questions:

Office of Academic Services
360 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Hill Hall Room 312
Newark, NJ 07102-1284
(973) 353-5800

Minor Requirements:

The minor consists of 18 credits, divided as follows:

    6 credits of select required courses.
    12 credits in a select electives courses (no more than two courses per department).

Below is a list of courses approved for each category.

Required Courses (6.0 credits):
Select ANY TWO courses from the list below.

21:512:265: American Legal History I
21:512:266: American Legal History II
43:600:101: Introduction to American Law

Electives (12.0 credits; no more than 6.0 credits from one department will be accepted):

Criminal Justice

47:202:221: Case Processing: The Law & The Courts (formerly 47:202:310)
47:202:222: Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice (formerly 47:202:311)
47:202:225: Criminal Justice: Ethical and Philosophical Foundations (formerly 47:202:345)


21:512:265: American Legal History I (use as elective if not used for required course)
21:512:266: American Legal History II (use as elective if not used for required course)

NJIT History Courses

HIST 362: Sex, Gender & Law in American History
HIST 367: International Law & Diplomacy in History
HIST 369: Law & Society in History
HIST 370: Legal Issues in the History of Media
HIST 375: Legal Issues in Environmental History
HIST 378: Medicine and Health Law in Modern America


43:600:101: Introduction to American Law (use as elective if not used for required course)
43:600:102: Survey of American Business Law
43:600:104: Constitutional Criminal Procedure
43:600:105: Criminal Law
43:600:106: Animals: Ethics and Law
43:600:107: Islamic Jurisprudence
43:600:110: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
43:600:111: Sports Law
43:600:112: Islamophobia and the Law


21:730:107: Critical Thinking
21:730:201: Intro to Logic
21:730:212: Intro to Ethics
21:730:345: Philosophy of Law

Political Science

21:790:304: Introduction to Law & Legal Research
21:790:359: Government & Politics of New Jersey
21:790:376: American Political Theory
21:790:401: American Constitutional Development
21:790:409: Law & Public Policy
21:790:441: Civil Liberties


21:920:349: Law and Society


21:355:433: Writing In the Professions: Law