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The M.A.T. in history is a terminal degree for students who are preparing for - or are already engaged in - careers in secondary school teaching. It does not by itself provide certification for teaching in New Jersey public schools. However, M.A.T. students are usually permitted to earn a portion of their program credits in graduate or advanced undergraduate courses in an approved Education Department, thus securing some of the education credits needed for New Jersey certification.

Degree Requirements

The program consists of 30 credits, at least 18 of which must be in graduate history courses, and up to 12 of which may be in approved education courses.

M.A.T. students choose from among the same graduate history courses, and must meet the same class reading and writing requirements, as M.A. students. However, M.A.T. students:

    do not select a major field
    do not have a thesis option
    must write a Master's Essay

All M.A. and M.A.T. students are expected to maintain a "B" or better average through the duration of their studies; otherwise, they may not be allowed to remain in the program.

Certification to Teach in New Jersey

The M.A.T. program does not provide certification. New Jersey certification requires 30 credits in particular education courses, 12 of which may be counted toward the M.A.T. Hence, a student wishing to pursue both the M.A.T. in History and certification would have to take a total of 48 credits (12 fewer than if the student pursued the M.A.T. and certification separately).

Please note that acceptance into the M.A.T. program does not guarantee acceptance into the Department of Urban Education's teacher certificate program. Students who are interested in becoming a certified social studies teacher in New Jersey must satisfy the requirements for admission into the teacher certification program.

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