Movie poster for La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc with this title at the bottom of the image.  Above in a cell-shaded style, a woman with a shaved head in the foreground holds her hand to her heart as a beam of light shines on her.  Several men surround her with expressions of scorn, curiosity, disgust, and stoicism.
Poster for 1928's La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc [The Passion of Joan of Arc]

Director: Jon Cowans

The Film Studies minor draws on a range of disciplines to allow students to examine a vital modern form of cultural expression. The 18-credit minor examines film as an art form, a form of entertainment, a business, and a political and social practice, tracing its evolution over time and its variants in different cultures. The minor primarily aims to develop students’ abilities to think critically about a central and highly influential facet of modern life, but it also seeks to help prepare students who are majoring in other fields such as business to work in the entertainment industry. All courses in the minor require and teach writing skills. 

Students completing the minor will have learned about the historical evolution of film as an art form and a business in multiple countries; this knowledge should include an awareness of major styles, genres, directors, films, and controversies involving films; and major approaches to censorship used in various times and places, as well as arguments for and against censorship. They should be capable of thinking critically about films, identifying and analyzing many of the techniques they use (directing, casting, editing, etc.) to convey messages and images. Classes will also train students in writing about film, from reviews of individual films to essays of broader scope.

In order to declare the minor, complete a declaration of minor form and submit it for signature to the History Department via email  ( or in person (323 Conklin Hall). Forms will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and the minor should be reflected on student records in approximately one week.

Below is a list of courses that qualify. To inquire about a specific course, consult with Professor Cowans.


014:255           Race and Gender in American Film                                                                                 


350:205           Fiction into Film
350:363           Special Topics in Film: The Films of Alfred Hitchcock                 
350:363           Special Topics in Film: Westerners & Gangsters                            
350:363           Special Topics in Film: Studies in Film Noir                                   
350:364           Special Topics in Film: Migration in Literature & Film
350:364           Special Topics in Film: Film Noir            


510:301           Film and History
510:313           Cinema and Society in the 20th Century
510:314           Film and Colonialism                                                        
512:312           Trash Cinema and the Cultural Politics of Sleaze                 
512:313           Visions of the City in American Cinema                             
512:383           Culture and the Cold War                                                
512:406           Topics in American Popular Cultures, 1890-1945                        
512:406           Topics in American Popular Cultures since 1945                         
512:408           Topics Socio-Cultural History: Race & Popular Culture since 1945 
28:510:300     (NJIT) Historical Problems of the 20th Century Through Film


810:348           Portuguese Film & Literature                                                
810:349           Brazilian Film & Literature                                                    
810:350           Literature & Film of Portuguese-Speaking Africa              


940:331           Family and Nation in Modern Spanish Film
940:348          Hispanic Film & Lit Literature
940:379           Literature & Film of the Mexican Revolution                                                                               
940:417           Seminar: Gabriel García Márquez in Literature and Film                      
940:418           La Guerra Civil en memoria y historia: cine, arte literatura