Headshot of Dr. Odoric Wou in front of bookcase


Courses Taught:

History of Women in China

History of the People's Republic of China

Modern China

Far Eastern History

Research Initiatives:

Modern Chinese social, economic and cultural history


Ph.D., Columbia


Mobilizing the Masses: Building Revolution in Henan. Stanford University Press, 1994.

Militarism in Modern China: The Career of Wu Pei-fu, 1916-1939. Columbia East Asian Institute Series. Dawson and Australian National University Press, 1978.

"Communist Sources for Localizing the Study of the Sino-Japanese War" In Chinese Collaboration With Japan, 1932-45. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press. 2001. pp. 226-235 and 279-284.

"Mechanism of Communist Co-optation: Wartime Nationalist Consensus Movement in Shangcheng County, Henan" Twentieth Century China. 25, 1, (November 1999): 71-112.