Headshot of Matthew Rozsa

Matthew Rozsa (M.A., American)
Writer and Editor at Salon, Ph.D. student in history at Lehigh University
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Q: What did you like about the program?
A: The professors here are second to none in terms of expertise and friendliness. It is a program where you are surrounded by top-notch scholars yet also feel like you’re part of a family.

Q: How did your experience in the Master’s program influence your choices concerning further education or work?
A: It provided me with tools that I continue to use every day in my work as a writer and doctoral scholar.

Q: Do you have any advice for current graduate students?
A: Take notes. Seriously. If you have notes on everything, the rest is a cake walk.

Q: What courses best helped you prepare for your Master’s thesis/essay?
A: I followed my own passion (in this case, presidential history) and found ways of intersecting it with the interests of my professors and colleagues.