Lacey Hunter standing in front of piece of modern art.

Lacey Hunter 2008 (M.A., American)
Adjunct Instructor - African American and African Studies & Early African American History Fellow at the Library Company of Philadelphia

Q: What did you like about the program?
A: I most enjoyed the course offerings here. Each semester provided enough diversity of selection that I was forced to read, write and think outside of my typical areas of concentration. By the time I completed my degree I found that I had greatly complemented my sense of American history.

Q: What was the greatest strength of the program?
A: The greatest strength of the M.A. History program here at Rutgers Newark is the sense of community you build with your professors and colleagues/classmates. Here, I found that my professors pushed and challenged me, while my classmates encouraged me. I also really appreciated the balance my professors worked to maintain between foundational historical texts and newer additions to the many questions and debates that shaped the field.

Q: What aspect of your training in history shaped your professional expierence?
A: The most impactful part of my training here was learning to engage the community surrounding our campus as I crafted my work. Often students and researchers spend most of their time in libraries and study rooms. Here, the history, culture, and communities in Newark offer many possibilities for new projects, and plenty of opportunities to complement the research you begin in your classrooms.

Q: What would you recommend about the program?    
A: I recommend taking at least one HisTEMH course here. I took three during my time at RU-Newark and they changed the way I view each of the cross sections of my field. I would also recommend taking one public history course here. For me, these courses were helpful in developing my writing and the interests I’ve pursued in my career and my doctoral program.

Describe your experience in three (3) words or phrases:
"Dynamic, Challenging, and Enriching!"