Gene Smith standing in front of a white board with notes on the crusades.

Gene Smith 2014 (M.A., American)
Adjunct Professor

Q: What did you like about the program?
A: I think that the Professors in the department care about your development and that they go out of their way to help you.

Q: What was the greatest strength of the program?
A: Sometimes the focus of academia is on research and publishing, and the desire to be a competent teacher gets overlooked. I found that my instructors at RU Newark were both, experienced academics and excellent teachers who were able to help bring you to the next level in your education and skill development.

Q: How did your experience in the Master’s program influence your choices concerning further education or work?
A: The training and experience that I've had here at Rutgers has helped to prepare me for being in a PhD program. I've learned from everyone one of the teachers that I've worked with; they all have unique talents and abilities that are worth emulating.

Q: What would you recommend about the program?
A: I recommend the program to people all the time. If they are looking to expand their horizons, develop their intellectual skills and want to be at a place where the people care about you and what they are doing, then the RU Newark History M. A. program is the place to go!

Describe your experience in three (3) words or phrases:
"Rewarding, Transformative, Lasting"