Headshot of Elizabeth Meola Aaron

Elizabeth Meola Aaron 2000 (M.A.T., American)
Principal, Columbia High School

Q: What did you like about the program?
A: Brilliant professors who cared about my learning.

Q: What was the greatest strength of the program?
A: Again, brilliant professors who cared about my learning. Also, commitment to the city of Newark, wanting grad students to engage in campus and the city (if not to see them as one and the same) and wanting my grad work to connect to, enrich, and better my ‘real’ work.

Q: How did your experience in the Master’s program influence your choices concerning further education or work? 
A: Commitment of my professors helped sharpen my own understanding of the importance to invest in scholarship for the sake of scholarship as well as to serve others, do good, and make connections between history and the present.

Q: What aspect of your training in history shaped your professional experience?                    
A: Developed a very close eye for reading text (obviously) and honed writing skills that get used almost every day. Found a way to find the story in almost everything and everywhere, and connect stories to each other as well as larger framework.

Q: What courses best helped you prepare for your Master's thesis/essay?  
A: It would be unfair to choose.

Q: What would you recommend about the program?  
A: Everything, but especially its professors’ willingness to push for intellectual and personal growth. And Christina Strasburger, of course, who largely makes possible all the above.

Q: Do you have any advice for current graduate students?    
A: Get to it. Read everything. Avoid unnecessary words, and make arguments that have meaning. 

Describe your experience in three (3) words or phrases:
"Clement Alexander Price"