Welcome! Alumni Spotlight is a new initiative to help keep alumni connected to our federated history community.  Alumni will be featured here, and in our e-newsletters.  Over time, we hope that this webpage will become a hub where history graduates can get in touch with old friends and classmates, share stories and memories, and connect on common interests. At the very least, it will be an excellent way to advertise yourself! 

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Shereen Ramadan in graduation cap standing in front of American flag and a blue crest.
Shereen Ramadan, 2014
(M.A., American)

Adjunct Instructor - History/Content Specialist
Headshot of Stephanie Jones-Rogers
Stephanie Jones-Rogers
(M.A., American)
Assistant Professor of History, University of California, Berkeley
Headshot of Matthew Rozsa
Matthew Rozsa
(M.A., American)

Writer and Editor at Salon, Ph.D. student at Lehigh University
Headshot of Rabeya Rahman
Rabeya Rahman
(M.A., American)

Department Administrator, Honors Living-Learning Community, RU-N
Headshot of Ariel Natalo-Lifton
Ariel Natalo-Lifton, 2014
(M.A., American)

Ph.D. student at Temple University
Chris Hillyer stands in front of golden lettering on a wall reading "W.W. Norton Company, Inc." with logo of box and flying gull.
Chris Hillyer, 2014
(M.A., World History)

Assistant Media Editor - History, W.W. Norton & Co.
Melissa Geddis, 2015
(M.A., American, HisTEMH)

Ph.D. student at George Washington University
Headshot of Dennis Reinhartz
Dennis Reinhartz, 1966 & 1967 (B.A., M.A.)
Emeritus Professor of History, The University of Texas at Arlington


Headshot of Sandor framed by tree limbs in bloom.
Ryan Sandor
(MAT, American)
Social Studies Teacher
Gene Smith standing in front of a white board with notes on the crusades.
Gene Smith, 2014
(M.A., American)

Adjunct Professor
Victor Stolberg sitting in front of a blackboard.
Victor Stolberg, 2006 & 2007
(M.A.T.; M.A., HisTEMH/
World Comparative

Assistant Professor/Counselor, Essex County College
Boris von Faust giving a presentation to a group of people.
Boris Von Faust, 2014
(M.A., World History)

Adjunct professor of history, Felician College &
Archival specialist, Passaic County Historical Society at Lambert Castle
Lacey Hunter standing in front of piece of modern art.
Lacey Hunter 2008
(M.A., American)

Adjunct Instructor, African American and African Studies & Early African American History Fellow at the Library Company of Philadelphia
Headshot of Laura Troiano
Laura Troiano, 2008
(M.A., American & Anthropology)

Research Project Manager, Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience and Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University-Newark
Laura Martin points up to a sign next to a street reading "Plymouth Rock: Landing Place of the Pilgrims 1620. Commonwealth of Massachusetts"
Laura Martin, 2014
(M.A., American)

Social Studies Teacher
Frank Bilski standing in front of wall
Frank Bilski, 2012
(M.A., American)

Regional Human Resource Manager, Intertek
Headshot of Steven Elliott
Steven Elliott, 2012
(M.A., American History)

Adjunct Instructor
Headshot of Elizabeth Meola Aaron
Elizabeth Meola Aaron, 2000
(M.A.T., American)

Principal, Columbia High School
Headshot of Maureen O'Rourke
Maureen O'Rourke, 2006
(M.A., World/Comparative)

Academic Coordinator, Department of History, NJIT
Branden Rippey standing in front of lockers and a classroom door lined with tinsel.
Branden Rippey, 1998 & 2011
(M.A.T.; M.A., American/
World Comparative

History Teacher, Science Park High School & Union-Political Activist
Headshot of John Cross
John Cross, 2015
(M.A., American)
Archival Associate at Felician University
Headshot of Ryan Purcell
Ryan D. Purcell, 2013
(M.A., American History)

Ph.D. student at Cornell University