The English Department at Rutgers University–Newark offers four undergraduate programs:

  • The Major in English Literature offers classes in British, American, and global literature from antiquity to the present
  • The Major in English: Creative Writing combines classwork in literature and creative writing, with 18 credits in British, American, and global literature and 18 credits in writing poetry, fiction, and drama
  • The 18-credit Minor in English Literature
  • The 18-credit Minor in Creative Writing

The Online Schedule of Classes ( lists English courses under three different subject codes:

  • 200, Creative Writing
  • 350, English (British and global literature)
  • 352, English—American Literature

Be sure to check under all three.

The English Department offers undergraduate classes at three levels:

  • 200-level classes satisfy the College’s Core requirements. Classes with a subject code of 350 or 352 satisfy the College’s Core requirement in Literature; classes with a subject code of 200 satisfy the College’s Core requirement in Arts & Media.
  • 300-level classes are the bread and butter of the English program. We offer a wide range topical courses, ranging from the ancient world to works by living writers, classes on poetry and fiction and drama and film, classes on the literature of Britain, America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia. Most courses that count toward the major or minor are at the 300 level.
  • 400-level classes are small seminars that offer intensive study in a single subject. All English majors need at least one.

Note that the Writing Program is not part of English, and courses with a 355 subject code do not count toward the English major or minor.