Many of the upper-level courses offered by the Department of English each year are labeled “Topics in . . . .” These "Topics" classes gives Rutgers professors the opportunity to bring their own scholarly interests to the classroom. They're often on the cutting edge of literary and cultural scholarship.

The "Topics" heading allows new classes to be created quickly, and the offerings change from semester to semester. All "Topics" classes have a subtitle in the Schedule of Classes, indicating the subject being covered that semester.

Some recent classes offered under this heading include:

  • Politics & Prose: The Literature of the Early Republic
  • War Stories
  • The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
  • LGBTQ Writing since Stonewall
  • Africa in Literature and Film
  • War and Representation in the Middle East
  • Representing Refugees

Because the contents of these classes can change each time they're offered, Degree Navigator often isn't able to categorize them correctly. If you have any questions about how a class is counted, ask your English adviser.